Box treatment:

Box treatment is the first physiotherapy treatment whose objective is to carry out a medical history of each person including: pathological history, current pathology, physical examination, diagnosis and first treatment focused focused on identifying all areas of hypomobility that alter the correct physiological functioning of the organism.

Aquatic neurosedant physiotherapy treatment:

Objective: Rebalancing myofascial tissue and mobility of cranial bones. Myofascial tissue is responsible for the control of all internal tensions resulting from the management of our emotions, in turn, it is the one who governs the primary movement of the cranial respiration and with it the control of pain, stress and the correct body functioning.

Aquatic physiotherapy treatment:

Objective: Muscle and joint rebalancing. Treatment focused on restoring joint mobility as well
as any muscle compensation to optimize the physiological balance of the body biomechanically
speaking in in an environment where the absence of gravity allows us to perform the
treatment without causing pain.

Functional training:

Objective: To reach a body awareness, respiratory control and increase strength and flexibility. Physical exercise guide respecting the correct body biomechanics, range of movement and body and mental awareness in order to recover our state of Health.

Horse physiotherapy:

Objective: Integrate physical and mental control in contact with a living being and in a changing environment in order to be able to control stress in any situation of our life. Once the stress control techniques have been learned in a safe environment, we work with living beings whose reaction we cannot always control for conscious approaches that with the learned techniques we are able to overcome any situation of relaxed form.

Cognitive coaching:

Cognitive coaching is an explanation of the biological / neurological processes that underlies cognition. It addresses the questions of how cognitive activities are affected, controlled and can be improved. The main goal of cognitive coaching is to improve cognitive endurance which has also positive side effects on overall health. The positive impact cognitive coaching has on cognitive skills is especially due to the amount of content and not to duration of therapy as modern brain research shows nowadays. That is why a relative short period of time of about a week of intensive cognitive coaching is in most cases sufficient to improve cognitive endurance.